FAQs for teachers/schools

Can you show me how to use this platform with my students?

Yes, we can organise some training or a quick tour. 

Is your material protected by copyright?

Yes. You cannot redistribute, copy or use our materials for purposes other than the ones they are intended for. By accessing the platform with your student(s) you are permitted to assist them in their activities and downloaded any resources that are clearly marked as downloadable. 

Can I purchase a course/workbook for my school?

Sure can! Reach out to us for a quote. For larger schools, we can set up a separate branded platform for you. 

Who creates these resources? 

We do! Lectimo Languages is the sister company of Lectimo, a business created by language teachers and training designers. We are passioante about languages and online elarning.

Last modified: Friday, 9 September 2022, 2:32 PM